2010 Budget: A Setback for Environmental Policy

Government’s budget proposal is a setback for environmental policy and can lead to reduce Norway’s credibility as a driver for climate summit in Copenhagen in December this year, claimed Liberal Party (Venstre).

The government does not follow up their promises on the strengthening of public transport and renewable energy and cleaning Kårstø, says Liberal Party Deputy John Elvestuen. The proposal contains positive elements in the environmental field, but this is largely a follow-up of greenhouse settlement as a commitment to the preservation of the rainforest in environment-friendly direction.

More on Public Transport in the City

The evaluation published on the party’s webpage criticized that the state budget does not include any effort needed in environment-friendly direction. The fact that government did not double spending on the local public transport in urban areas despite the promises was also remarked in the evaluation.

No cleaning in Kårstø

– The government has also stopped the process of cleaning of the gas power plant at Kårstø which was one of the government’s clearest promise in the environmental field. The work of biodiesel in Norway is also in the wrong direction as government proposes to tighten and the longer term abolish the exemption for diesel tax, “said Elvestuen.

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