First Reactions to 2010 Budget from Opposition

All opposition parties fiercely reacted to the Government’s 2010 budget. Their criticisms intersect on dependence of excessive oil money, and distribution.

KrF: Too Risky

One of the fastest reaction to the government’s budget proposal that was presented today came from Christian Democrat Party(KrF). KrF Treasury spokesman Hans Olav Syversen pointed out the risk of relying on oil money too much.

– Christian Democratic Party believes it is necessary to use more oil money in a difficult time like this, but with such a use of oil money, there is a risk that this budget may lead to faster interest rate increases, “said Syversen. He also complaint about the fact that there is no increase in funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency beyond what was there in 2009.

Høyre: It Lacks of Political Will

As KrF, the Liberal Party(Venstre) also pointed out the record dependence on oil money. The Liberals’ parliamentary leader, Trine Skei Grande accused the government of showing a willingness to focus on the major challenges: climate, knowledge, and poverty and breaking their promises during the election campaign. She also said that there is no purposeful commitment to innovation, research and the environmentally friendly industry. She stated on her webpage that 5 billion to the Research Fund is too low.

Grande also noted the limited increase in environment friendly actions and warned that this may cause to reduce Norway’s credibility before the climate summit in Copenhagen in December .

FrP: “The Government on the Wrong Way”

Ulf Leirstein from Progress Party(FrP) stated FrP fears for the future of many small and medium companies if the new state budget is adopted in this form. Progress Party’s finance spokesman Leirstein reported his party’s impression with the state budget with these sentences:

– The government is preparing to spend a lot of oil money in different areas, they poured out a little here and there. At the same time they fall short of what they want to spend money on. They look backward, not forward.

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