Visit from India to the Ministry of the Environment

The Minister of Environment and Development, Erik Solheim met Hem Pande, Joint Secretary from the Indian Environment and Forest Ministry on Thursday. Pande is in Norway to attend the fourth meeting of the Indian-Norwegian environmental group.

In the meeting, Solheim and Pande discussed the ongoing climate change negotiations, and both stressed the importance of having a good bilateral dialogue for a better understanding each other’s positions. Solheim also pointed out that Norway wants to cooperate closely with India on other environmental issues, and in particular drew out the Indian-Norwegian project to provide solar power to 30 Indian villages. The goal is to upscale the project to include 1,000 villages in near future. Solheim said he looked forward to participating in India’s major climate technology conference in New Delhi later in October, and to meet the new Indian Environment Minister, Jairam Ramesh.

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