Petition against Islamaphobia

A number of organizations, including the Oslo Bishop, Islamic Council of Norway, Antiracist Center, Socialist Youth and Immigrant Norwegian Forum, has initiated a petition campaign against Muslim convenience and racism, to be submitted to Torbjørn Jagland.

The campaign started in Grønland squares. A group carrying banners marched to the Parliament.

The organizers of the campaign expressed that they are concerned about the growing intolerance in the Norwegian society. ”We respect the freedom of speech but the unlimited freedom always involves a risk. The direction of the debate about Islam now takes is daunting. The constant harassment of Muslims prevents integration and makes it difficult for Norwegian Muslims to be part of the Norwegian society. There is cause for the concern that young Muslims born and raised in Norway say that they now feel strangers in their own country.” reported the participants.

On the website of the organization, the objective of the campaign is depicted out as keeping Norway as a democratic society that respects human rights and that values tolerance, respect and equality high. It is also stressed that It is to be recognized any right to practice people’s religion privately and publicly and to be cautious about stigmatizing them because of their religion.

The initiaters of the campaign- “Stop Muslim convenience”- say they want to urge a political debate with tolerance and respect as the main ingredients.

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