Oslo Municipality Closes Romani Camp in Årvoll

On Monday, representatives from the district of Bjerke and Health Administration in Oslo inspected the camp which accommodates between around 200 Romani people in Årvoll. The authorities, then ruled that it must be closed in one day as the camp is not suitable for hygiene. 

District Chief Turi Bondeson was involved in the inspection and suggested that their decision is associated with imminent danger to human health.

– It was not designed for proper hygiene and safe drinking water. Water was taken from the running brook, and there was no established drainage system, states the press release from the City Council of Oslo.

Police May Intervine

If Romani people do not move from Årvoll in 24 hours, the police will also be ready to take action. Currently, the municipality has not asked the police to intervene, but if the residents do not go voluntarily, this may be the case.

– What we see here on Årvoll today is the same as you saw in Auschwitz in Hitler’s time. We thank Norway for it, says the Gypsy king, Rene Karoli to

Karoli also said that politicians, police, bureaucrats and the media are doing everything to destroy and discriminate against Gypsies.

About the Case

Last Monday, Around 200 Ramani people settled in front of Sofienberg church in Oslo, which received considerable public attention. On Friday morning, representatives from the church asked them to move out of  the church district. Then, these people settled down in Årvoll region of Oslo on Saturday. During their stay, several people attacked the camp with stones and fireworks. FrP leader Siv Jensen and some conservative politicians asked the government to take action against the camp yesterday.

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