The New Apple iPod Family

This week Apple announced its new iPod Touch, packed with new awesome features. The new iPod Touch has two cameras; one on front and one on the back. One of the features is the Facetime, it’s basically video calling from you iPod Touch. So now you can see the person you are talking with. The new iPod Touch has an awesome HD resolution of 960-by-640, which is incredible, everything is much clear. Another cool feature is the HD video recording. The new iPod touch is the lightest from all of the old iPod Touch, it’s much lighter, has more features , has 40 hours of music playback and 7 hours of video playback on just a single battery charge, how awesome is that!

iPod nano is back with a new design, it’s smaller, lighter, colorful and sleek. You can clip and put it everywhere, it’s half the size of the older versions and much funnier to play with. There are 7 different colors for the new iPod nano. It has a resolution of 240-by-240. One cool feature of the new nano is that you can clip it, clip it on your shirt, bag, jacket, wherever you want.

Apple’s new iPod shuffle

The new iPod shuffle is small, colorful, sleek, has clip like the nano, is polished aluminum. It can store up to 2 GB and has 15 hours battery life. A cool feature of the new shuffle is the voiceover, it’s basically that you say the artist name or the name of the song and the shuffle switches to that song. The best thing is that it speaks over 25 languages. So it can tell you songs and artists in their native tongues or any language you choose.

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