Surviving Fashion with Loppemarked, Fretex and UFF

SHOPPING- Flea markets (Loppemarked) are places where inexpensive or second-hand goods are sold or bartered. It may be indoors, such as in a warehouse or school gymnasium; or it may be outdoors, such as in a field or under a tent. The flea-market vendors may range from a family that is renting a table for the first time to sell a few unwanted household items to a commercial operation including a large variety of new or used merchandise..

Many flea markets have food vendors who sell snacks and drinks to the patrons to raise funds for school purposes, for example, school choirs. Overall, they are places where you can find treasures for very reasonable prices. All throughout Norway, many used and antique treasures are just waiting for the chance to enrich your lives. They can be additions to your personal collections, as gifts for loved ones and as perfectly functional furniture for your homes. So start searching for your treasure in Norway’s flea markets!

There is a very comprehensive website for flea market hunters where you will find an overview of upcoming flea markets. A complete geographical overview of flea markets, organizers and recipients of flea market goods can be found in the menu on this site:

Fretex for good reasons


Another all year alternative to seasonal flea markets is Fretex, established in 1905 and the biggest chain in Norway with 43 second hand shops. Fretex aims at giving better choices to people in difficulties as its slogan recalls: “Vi gir folk grunn til å tro på framtiden!” It tries to achieve this ambition via four major activities: recycling textile and paper, and running second hand shops.

Furthermore, Fretex has a fashion signature. The company collaborates with designers in order to redesign used clothes that cannot be sold as they are. “Silkscarves become then cushions, leather jackets make up purses and embroidered tablecloths are turned into dresses.” You can find stores of Fretex all over the country.

Another good-willed alternative: UFF

UFF second-hand stores offer a wide selection of clothing, shoes and accessories for ladies, men and children, including Norwegian sweaters and traditional dresses. Skiing outfits and other sportswear.

The clothes are gifts from people in Norway and the surplus of the sale is donated to Humana People to People’s development programmes in Africa and India.

UFF also has vintage stores in Storgata and Pilestredet in Oslo.

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