MyGoodAct: A Virtual Space 100% Dedicated to Charity

Social networks offer
many opportunities for e-citizens to connect, organize into groups and
communities and share a common cause, hobby or activity. Other functionalities
enable the user to mobilize large groups of people into action. This explains
the increasing presence of NGOs on sites like twitter and facebook. It
generates new phenomenons such as ‘clikactivism’ or ‘slacktivism’.

MyGoodAct is a new
product on the web 2.0 which was created and launched in Norway.  The particularity of this web site is its
core mission: to encourage people to do good deeds and support humanitarian
projects. With Jonas Borchgrevink, the founder of, TNP had this
brief interview.

How did the idea of creating such a project come to
your mind?

The idea initially came when I was around 15 years old. I spent a lot of time
on social networking sites when I was young (still do), first a local one, then
MSN (a social messaging system) then MySpace, Facebook and so forth. I was also
interested in aid work. When I was 9 years old my friend and I played trumpet
and clarinet outside a local store to raise money for Save the Children. We
raised 1000 NOK for the NGO, but after donating the money I was left with some
questions: “What happened with the money? What results did the money
create?” This has haunted me ever since and I connected this to the reason
I use social networks.

When I was 15
years old, I thought to myself why we didn’t have a social network that focused
on good acts which also gave you the results of their activities. Young people
are used to social media and need more updates and information to stay
interested. This initial idea resulted in MyGoodAct which I started in the
summer of 2009. 

What is the profile of the public that “mygoodact”
is targeting?

MyGoodAct was created to especially engage young people (16 to 30) and
make them more interested in constructive projects and doing good works.

What is the difference between
“MyGoodAct” and the other social networks?

At MyGoodAct you are motivated to do good acts and to investigate the world’s
problems. This social network focuses on bringing the good in people out into
the public. 

“Doing good, is good for doing
business”, do you believe in this expression?

This expression couldn’t be any better. If businesses continue to follow the
Adam Smith rule and focus only on self interest, we will not have any world
left to do business in. 

Concretely how can we use the website to do

As it is now you
have two main functions:
 – A private person can start a fundraiser for a registered NGO, such as
UNICEF or Amnesty International for example. 
 – An organization can start their own project and try to get it funded.
Both projects and fundraisers set a targeted amount, the actual raised amount,
a picture, description, updates and a list of contributors. 

So far, what is the social project that has seen
great success via “MyGoodAct”?
Radio by the
Rainforest Fund has received more than $1000 to buy a radio to communicate with
the indigenous people in Peru, and to prevent de-forestation of the rainforest.
You can see the project here:


Jonas Borchgrevink (22
years old) has a Bachelor Degree in Entrepreneurship. He was awarded the Wenche
Foss Honor Award in the fall of 2011. He has received a place in Global Shapers
Oslo by the World Economic Forum. MyGoodAct became a Partnership for Change project
and is yearly highlighted at the Partnership for Change conference at the
Norwegian Opera. Jonas Borchgrevink is also the initiator of Aung San Suu Kyi
World Freedom Fund where Aung San Suu Kyi is the Honorary President. 

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