Top 5 Swine Flue Conspiracies

It’s almost a tradition that every unusual event is immediately greeted with bunches of conspiracy theories, and Swine Flu is no exception.The internet has especially boosted a freer flow of these claims and causes an increasing hypocracy.Conspiracy theories about the cause of the swine flu range from the scape goat, the U.S. which want to get out of the financial crisis to the big pharmaceutical companies which want to fold their incomes. The North Post compiled the most popular ones of these rumors.
Theory 1: Drug Companies and WHO Made it Up

The most common of them came from the Danish journalists. They claimed that the World Health Organization (WHO) and drug companies producing the swine flu vaccine are in partnership. Danish journalist, Louise Voller insisted that scientists who appear to inform about the svine flu are also hired consultants working for the pharmaceutical companies who produce the vaccines. Some blames specifically the American and Mexican drug companies for the release of the virus. Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari took the discussion to a further level and said that the deadly swine flu virus could have been genetically engineered by Western governments to boost pharmaceutical companies’ profits by spreading viruses in developing countries.
Theory 2: Al- Qaeda, anti-western and anti- pork groups

While some see Al-Qaeda is responsible for the virus as a new form of terrorist attack against western civilization, some even blame the pork industry’s competitors including beef and chicken industry against the consumption of pork.The supporters of this claim rely on the fact that the new virus causing an avian-human-swine flu first occurred in Mexico — where pigs and birds are rarely raised together.
Theory 3: Western countries planted it
Another pervasive rumour surrounds the fact that the swine flu is a project of anti-immigration forces. Accordingly, anti-immigration groups engineered the swine flu so the United States and other host countries would close the borders once and for all. This theory suggests the swine flu is in fact some form of anti-immigration biological warfare.
Theory 4: Surgical-Max Producers Created the Virus

A Web site claims the surgical-mask producers are behind the disease. They base their claims on the record sales of the preventive masks in the world history as the swine flu pandemic continues to spread.
Theory 5: President Obama is behind the swine flu or maybe United Nations

Some overcritical Americans think that Obama created a fake public health crisis in order to nationalize health care, and use the vaccine as a “eugenics weapon for mass extermination” of the American population. On the other hand, there are people like Canadian doctor Ghislaine Lanctôt, author of the Medical Mafia having some more political explantions. Lanctôt argues that the elites introduces compulsory vaccination that contains a deadly virus and this will be used specifically as a eugenics weapon for “massive and targeted reduction of the world population.” She thinks that it will eventually transfer power from all nations to a single United Nations government and will help to create a new world order.

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