Benefits of Advertising in The Nordic Page

The Nordic Page is the only printed English-language newspaper in Norway. It is published once a month with full-color pages. The paper features special publication with diverse articles, commentaries and analysis of the month’s events in Norway. Its web edition is the most innovative, informative and inclusive daily web portal providing news and information in English in Scandinavia. Our website gets substantial traffic from users both home and abroad.


Delivery System

The Nordic Page utilizes a wide-ranging delivery and subscription system to circulate its print edition. Thanks to our strategic distribution network with institutions, foundations and communities, we have the ability to reach almost any household in the country. We can deliver your ads to a specific geographic or demographic area or address for your sector-specific prospective customers. Contact us to see what we can do for you.


Work with the Market’s Pioneer

The Nordic Page builds on its reputation as the country’s premier paper and news resource with exceptional columnists and dedicated staff who provide in-depth coverage of events in Norway. We also have an agreement with the leading syndication organization, Project Syndicate to publish selected feature stories, articles and news. Moreover, we are dedicated to be the most innovative media service provider for your needs.


We are Easy to Do Business with

You want to make an impression on our readers, and our designers will develop the most creative and attractive ad, catered to your needs. You will get efficient and superior service at affordable rates. Just drop a line and contact our ad department.


Targeted Advertising

The Nordic Page is delivered in the country via a home delivery network and subscription system. Its audience ranges from expatriates to diplomatic circles, from business investors to foreign tourists and from students to non-profit and international community groups. Additionally, we can reach any specific demographic and geographical reader group based on the demand of our advertising clients.The Nordic Page reaches a dynamic, well-educated and driven audience within society. Your ad on our paper and website puts you in front of a potential consumer group with the desire and means to buy your products and services. If you want a powerful audience, you should advertise in our paper.


Build Your Own Package

Let us build a customized promotional program to meet your objectives, whether you want to direct people to your Web site or get them into your store. We’ll tailor a marketing plan to meet your needs and goals and stay within your budget guidlelines.


Contact Us

For questions or information about advertising in The Nordic Page for print, online or our mobile edition, please contact us: For general inquiries please contact our call ad contacts at
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or e-mail us