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Trump Fan Norwegian Politician Rejects Link Between Climate Change and CO2 Emissions

Former FrP leader Carl I. Hagen claims climate change is fraud and he will fight against "climate hysteria" in the upcoming election campaign.
Trump Fan Norwegian Politician Rejects Link Between Climate Change and CO2 Emissions
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- Climate hysteria is an outright fraud. There is no significant correlation between CO2 emissions and temperature change, says Carl I. Hagen to NRK.

Next fall Hagen will run for the parliament (Stortinget). Last week, he was elected as the 4th candidate in Oslo FrP (Progress Party) list.

In a debate with climate scientist Bjørn Hallvard Samset, Hagen porposed that Norway was hot in the Viking era, and the change in climate was not driven by diesel.

- Nature has ensured variation in climate. Nature together with the sun and others ensures that the climate will continue to vary. It is completely a natural variation, says Hagen.

Climate scientist Samset noted there is no evidence in Hagen’s arguments.

- There is no research anywhere that says that it was warmer in the Viking era than today, either in Europe or anywhere else in the world, says Samset.

Hagen also says that the measures implemented against climate change are expensive and unnecessary burdens for taxpayers’ money. He also claims more and more scientists agree with him.

- It is not true. I have not met any of those scientists who is arguing the same things, and I’m around a lot and meet other climate scientists, says Samset.

- You meet only those scientists who agree with you, replied Hagen.

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