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Boxing and Segways to be Legal in Norway

Segways have always been illegal to use in Norway while boxing has been banned since 1981. The new government wants to change that.
Boxing and Segways to be Legal in Norway
Cecilia Brækhus (right) is thrilled by legalizing of professional boxing in Norway.

Soon you may be able to go to a boxing match in Norway using your Segway. Leaders of the Conservatives and the Progress Party, forming the new government, agreed on allowing professional boxing and legalize use of Segway. This means Norwegian boxing enthusiasts may soon be able to watch Cecilia Brækhus, the Norwegian World’s number one female boxer, fight in Norway. After hearing about abolition of the ban Brækhus told NRK she is thrilled about the news.

Another ban to be removed is the two-wheeled self-balancing transporter. Segways with its top speed of 20 km/h, are classified as moped in Norway. This requires the users to have a driving license, vehicle registration and insurance, and also wear a helmet. However due to road structure in Norway The Norwegian Public Roads Administration do not find Segways safe enough to be used in public and they have never been legal in the country.

Another regulation is localizing the rules and regulations relating to off-road motor traffic and the use of aircraft for tourism purposes. This means every municipality may choose where such traffic will be approved. After the announcement of the upcoming regulation more than 100 municipalities applied to open up for off-road snowmobile driving. Today it is only legal to drive snowmobile on marked trails as traffic outside the settlement areas is generally prohibited by the law. The regulation will also make it possible to use helicopters more freely for transportation.

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