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Norwegian Politician Praises Trump For Keeping His Promises

Ulf Leirstein, who is a member of the Norwegian Parliament and the Norwegian political party Fremskrittspartiet (FrP) supports US President Donald Trump in his decision to implement an immigration ban.
Norwegian Politician Praises Trump For Keeping His Promises
Ulf Leirstein of FrP Source: FrP Media

Trump Halts Immigration


Trump has been criticized for his decision to temporarily suspend the US Refugee Admissions Program, ban Syrian refugees indefinitely and suspend 90-day visas for anyone coming from seven Muslim-majority countries- Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. 


The Muslim Ban, as it’s been called in the media, has been highly criticized around the world, Norway included. Amongst those that have condemned him are Norway’s prime minister, foreign minister and several Norwegian politicians. 


A Politician Keeps His Promises


On the contrary, Ulf Leirstein of the Progress Party (FrP) is happy to see that Trump is making good on his promises. 


When asked by VG what he thinks about the president’s decision, which halts immigration from a number of countries, Leirstein replied


“I think it’s great, since before the election, he was clear that he would impose restrictions on entry into the US from countries that can pose a risk, and now he is doing just that. This is in line with his campaign promises.”

Leirstein goes on to point out that he doesn’t agree with everything Trump has done since becoming president of the United States. His political decisions cannot be applied to Norway, since Norway is in a totally different situation.

Leirstein continues, “In the world we live in today, with increasing terror, a country should be allowed to protect its borders. It is a country’s prerogative to even get to choose whom to let into the country.”  

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