John Oliver Calls Oslo as Europe’s Clitoris: Visit Oslo Takes His Words for a Campaign

Famous talk show host John Oliver calls Oslo as Europe’s clitoris – It’s not that hard to find, but people have no idea what to do when they’re there.

Oslo’s official tourist information center Visit Oslo chose to take his word, and launched a campaign where they highlighted sensual attractions such as Monolith, Holmenkollen, and the actual climax, according to Visit Oslo: “Scream” by Edvard Munch.

Communications Manager Sonja Birch-Olsen in Visit Oslo says to NRK using sexual references is a sure way to get noticed. But their motivation was to give Oliver a noticable answer:

-We tried to answer a joke that concludes that it is not something special to see or do in Oslo. But Oslo has a lot to offer! It was natural to play a little with the same elements, ie sex, in the answer, she says.

The answer was shared on social media and the result was satisfactory, reports Visit Oslo.

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