Cooperation for a Safer Airport

While the number of travelers grows at the Norwegian main airport , the number of thefts reaches at a high level at the airport. It can happen to anyone at anywhere but the consequences of becoming a victim of such theft may be much greater when you are going to travel. it could ruin the holiday for you and your family! Therefore, the main focus of the police at the airport to prevent is to prevent these types of crimes.

They take advantage of people's inattention

The criminals take advantage of people's inattention and " stressful situations "at places like an airport. A challenge at the airports is that people usually have so much baggage. Safety cases – such as wallet , camera , mobile phone, computer and passports are often kept on top of the carriage cart . Easily accessible to the owner – but also easily available to criminals – all stored in one place.

There are more " vulnerable " places at Oslo Airport : Certainly where people's attention is directed towards something else;

路 in front of check-in machines

路 in front of ticket counters

路 In queues and crowded areas , especially unorganized ques such as on train platforms

路 Around ATMs

路 In parking areas

Staff was educated against thefts

The staff at the airport has undergone a training of the police about prevention of thefts. If the employees see people acting suspicious, they will will direct questions like "Is there anything you're looking for ? " "Can I help you with anything? "

– Without this effort and the great commitment of management and other employees at the airport , it will not be possible to achieve such good results. This partnership we have with Oslo Airport is very great help to the police in our efforts to prevent and combat crime at the airport , says police chief at the airport police station , police inspector Paal S酶rhagen.

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