Young Conservatives Leader Calls for TikTok Ban in Norway

Ola Svenneby, leading the program committee of the Young Conservatives, is advocating for a complete ban on TikTok in Norway, according to E24.

He asserts that the app’s immense popularity poses a threat to national security. Svenneby emphasizes concerns over Chinese influence and technology being used to manipulate opinions, drawing parallels to historical contexts like Soviet influence. Despite uncertainties on the practical implementation of a ban, he believes it is feasible, especially if EU countries join in.

This call for a ban aligns with recent moves in the US Congress towards potentially banning TikTok. Svenneby acknowledges the paradox of being active on TikTok while advocating for its prohibition but highlights TikTok’s unique impact due to its algorithms targeting youth. The Young Conservatives’ success in recent elections has been linked to their presence on TikTok, yet Svenneby remains firm on the need for a ban, suggesting that their political message can be conveyed through other platforms.

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