Right Wing Group’s Stand Removed from Political Festival in Norway

Immigrant critic group SIAN's stand has been removed from civil political festival, Arendalsuka after a fight at the stand.

Stop Islamization of Norway (SIAN) was granted permission to open a stand during Norway’s biggest civil political event, Arendalsuka.

In the third day of the event, a fight sparked between SIAN members and two young people after exchange of views.

The police had to intervene and separate the parties on the spot.

Following the violence, mayor of Arendal Robert Nordli has ordered SIAN to pack their stand and leave the festival.

– It’s an order, and not a recommendation, “says Nordli to NRK.

The major accused the group of having shouted racist words to people of other skin colors.

However, SIAN members rejected the accusation.

SIAN leader Stig Andersen says to NRK there were some loud discussions at the stand, but nobody uttered racist words.

According to Mayor Nordli, SIAN had another warning from Arendalsuka on Wednesday morning about noise.


Arendalsuka is an annual forum where national delegates in politics, society and industry meet each other and the public, to debate and develop policies for the present and future.
Arendalsuka is politically independent, and aims to strengthen the belief in politics and political debate.Since 2012, Arendalsuka has been held in Arendal. It is the most important meeting place between leaders in politics and business, the media and people in Arendal and surrounding areas.


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