Norway’s Right Wing Former Justice Minister Wants Asylum in Norway for UK far-right Figurehead

Former Justice Minister of Norway and right-wing politician Per-Willy Amundsen (FrP) wants asylum to far-right campaigner and former leader of English Defence League, Tommy Robinson.

The former Justice Minister of Norway and Progress Party (FrP) politician believes the former leader of the English Defense League is being politically persecuted in the UK.

The 36-year-old Robinson, who is the founder and former leader of the right-wing extremist organization Norwegian Defense League (EDL), has been given a nine-month jail sentence after being found in contempt of court for live-streaming footage of defendants in a 2018 criminal trial.

Last week, two senior High Court judges at London’s Old Bailey found Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, in breach of a reporting ban.

Prior to his sentencing, Robinson begged the US President Donald Trump to grant him and his family political asylum.

On Thursday night, former Justice Minister of Norway Per-Willy Amundsen (FRP) writes on Facebook that Robinson should receive asylum in Norway.

Talking to NRK, he says that he believes Robinson fulfills the criteria for asylum in Norway.

The asylum system exists for those who are persecuted, and I think Tommy is eligible. Unfortunately, Norway gives asylum to people for completely incomprehensible reasons, but the persecution he has experienced in the UK is frightening and should qualify for protection under international conventions, says Amundsen to NRK.

He believes that the way the far-right leader has been treated is shameful, and that Robinson is politically persecuted in the UK.

He believes Britain has used the legislation in a creative way against him.

Facebook sensurerer støtte til Tommy Robinson. Vil de sensurere en stortingsrepresentant? Tommy bør få asyl i Norge…

Publisert av Per-Willy Amundsen Torsdag 11. juli 2019
Amundsen claims that Facebook censors his support for Tommy Robinson by ironically sharing a support message for Robinson on Facebook. He suggest that Tommy should get asylum in Norway because the United Kingdom has failed in freedom of speech and he is politically persecuted.

Coalition Members React to Amundsen

FrP’s coalition partner Christian Democratc (KrF)’s immigration policy spokeswoman, Torhild Bransdal says that Amundsen cannot expect any support from the government.

There are many people in the world who need political asylum more than Tommy Robinson. Per-Willy Amundsen is normally very strict when it comes to immigration policy. He does not receive any support from KrF in this case, says Bransdal to NRK.

Amundsen: A Trump and Thatcher Fan Former EU Supporter

Per-Willy Amundsen is a Norwegian politician for the Progress Party (FrP) who served as Minister of Justice from December 2016 to January 2018. While he formerly favoured Norwegian membership of the European Union, he has since the late 2000s turned to oppose membership. He has stated that his political rolemodel is Margaret Thatcher. He was one of the Norwegian politicians together with Christian Tybring-Gjedde to propose Donald Trump as a candidate for Nobel Peace Prize.

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