Left and center parties in Norway are close to forming the government with some disagreements

After the big victory of left and center parties, Labor Party (Ap), Socialist Left Party (SV) and the Center Party (SP) met to see possibilities to form a government. They have a positive prediction yet there are difficult issues to be discussed.

Both Ap and SV want a three-party government. SP has all the way insisted on a government without SV.

At the same time, the party has been careful never to close the door completely to SV.

These issues are disputed

AP, SV and SP are divided on a number of issues. Among other things, the parties have different approaches to taxation, welfare, and environmental policy.

  • SV says no to more oil exploration, while both the Labor Party and SP want to support the oil industry.
  • The Labor Party is in favor of cutting 55 per cent of emissions by 2030 (from 1990 levels). SP will cut 50-55 percent, while SV will cut 70 percent.
  • The Labor Party and SV will triple the CO2 tax from the current NOK 590 to NOK 2,000 by 2030. SP are against.
  • The Labor Party has guaranteed that the EEA agreement will form the basis for a new government. Both Sp and SV are critical of the agreement.
  • SP will have fewer predators in Norwegian nature, while SV will ensure viable populations of wolves, bears and lynx.
  • The Labor Party and SV will expand the current limit for self-determined abortion, while SP will keep the twelve-week limit.
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