Trump Bans Over 51,000 Norwegian Nationals From Entering The US

51,186 Norwegians Banned

In the 90 days following January 27th, Norwegians who are also citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan or Yemen will not be allowed to enter the US or acquire a visa. An exception is made for those that have valid residency in the US.

Statistics from The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (The UDI) show that this applies to 51,186 Norwegian citizens, according to Dagbladet.

Since 1991, Norwegian authorities have granted citizenship to 51,186 people from the countries that Trump has included in his entry ban. It is assumed that these people still have the citizenships that they were born with.

Giving up one’s birth given citizenship is usually required when obtaining Norwegian citizenship. This rule has gotten stricter in recent years. However, UDI makes an exception for people coming from countries that don’t allow them to give up their other citizenship. This is the case in several countries in the Middle East, Iran included.

800 People Protest in Oslo

There is a protest happening right now outside of the Parliament building in downtown Oslo. An estimated 800 people are there.

One of the participants, Sara Desantiago tells VG, “I am originally from Libya but am not a terrorist. I have Norwegian citizenship but am not allowed to enter the US because Donald Trump says that I am a terrorist […] I feel discriminated against and degraded. I am not even muslim, but that doesn’t matter.”

Trump’s decision has been both criticized and praised by Norwegian politicians.

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