Double Salary for Former Parliamentary Representatives Stirs Norway

Parliamentary majority approved on Monday afternoon that representatives can get one year extra salary, if they do not get a new job when they leave the office. 

Ex-members of parliament can now get up to 24 months’ salary if they do not get a new job. It is one year longer than the current arrangement. Norwegian newspaper VG called the proposal as a Christmas gift by parliamentary representatives for themselves. 

Today representatives who leave Parliament after an election – either voluntarily or because voters do not re-select get up to three months full remuneration. Members of Parliament receive more than 900,000 kroner per year.

After the three months, representatives who still are not working, get severance pay equivalent to two-thirds of what a parliament servant earns, which is up to 600 000 NOK for an entire year.

Majority of the parties agreed on extending that duration from 12 to 24 months.

After the media coverage and the protests on social media, the parties decided to revise the decision. 

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