Communist Party Candidate May Become Tromsø Mayor

Rødt had a sensational success in Tromsø. According to the latest results of the local elections, the party is the third largest one in the city with 18 per cent support. It means that the party get as many reps as Conservatives, eight places in council, writes Nordlys. 

If the bourgeois alliance cannot guarantee majority in Tromsø, then Labour Party will probably form a minority council with SV and Rødt. Both parties want the mayor post, writes Dagbladet. 

– It is not natural that Labor will both have city council leader and mayor. Therefore, they should support Rødt’s candidate which received more votes, says Olsen to Dagbladet. 

Anti-Capitalist and Outspoken Communist

Capitalism is devastating for both the country and people, says Jens Ingvald Olsen. 

Tromsø politician was an active politician in Marxist–Leninist communist party of Norway, AKP in 1970s. He also does not hide his appreciation for Chinese communist leader Mao.


– Mao was a great liberation leader and helped to lift hundreds of millions out of poverty in China. But he made mistakes like any other people, says Olsen to Dagbladet. 

He also rejects that Mao was a despot and dictator. Olsen thinks Mao made major mistakes during the development of China, and thus he caused many lives. 


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