Record Vote for Erna Solberg (H)

41 percent of respondents in Nationen government barometer for July say that they would prefer Solberg (Conservative) as prime minister, while 29.2 percent prefer Jens Stoltenberg (Labour). The lead of 11.8 percentage points on Stoltenberg is Solberg’s strongest performance to date. She headed by 3-7 percentage points in all polls since October, except the March poll when Stoltenberg was slightly ahead. 

– It is a pleasure and a clear expression of the voters think that eight years of red-green government is enough, and that Erna is perceived as a clear leader with impact, says Conservative deputy chairman Jan Tore Sanner. He says, however, that the Conservatives are not taking anything for granted, and that it probably gets closer towards Election Day. 

Labour party General Secretary Raymond Johansen also believe the numbers will change. “Well, we know that Stoltenberg has great confidence in the population. These figures related to the right parties have had more support, but now the election campaign is in full swing,” – he implies.

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