Private Kindergartens Forced to Close Down by Governemnt

Private Kindergartens Association (PBL ) had a quick board meeting to discuss the situation. PBL director Arild M. Olsen fears that the government is in deadlock for almost punishing all private kindergardens.

– We strongly warns against dealing with our objections to that way, “said Olsen.

Education Minister Kristin Halvorsen ( A. ) told NRK that Olsen can feel confident that the arguments in the consultation statements will be carefully read and reviewed.

In the first step the Government asked to withdraw the proposal and put it under the committee that will revise the kindergarten law. This committee is chaired by County Governor of Hedmark and former Minister Sylvia Brustad.

The board threatened the government that they have the power to act with closure in the autumn, if the government ignores all objections and go to Parliament with the proposal as originally formulated. They reminded they had closed more than 2,000 private kindergartens doors in protest against a government proposal for new funding for kindergartens In May last year. It ended with a promise of equal treatment of private and public kindergartens.

PLF is the union for 2,200 of the roughly 3,500 private kindergartens in Norway . Between 95,000 and 100,000 children are in care of members who come in all sizes and organizational forms and from various religious communities.

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