FrP Accuses Asylum Policy and Wants A Security Committee

– I am very pleased that the Norwegian Police Security Service ( PST) seems to have helped to avert acts of terrorism. This incident tells me that Norway must take this kind of threats more seriously than what we've done so far , "warns Jensen.

All persons arrested on suspicion of the matter has come to Norway via the asylum immigration.

– The Norwegian asylum policy has been formulated on the basis that all who come to us are welcomed. This case shows that we need a change in asylum policy, "claims Jensen.

Jensen also calls for more control options with the Government's efforts in safety . She points out that the Progress Party has proposed to create a security committee in Parliament.

– Today, the Parliament must trust that the government does everything it promises about safety. With such a committee, the parliamentary leaders and members from the foreign and defense committee can be informed in a proper manner, proposes she.

Jensen concluded her remarks by caliming that our democracy and peaceful life is threatened by extremests.

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