KrF Proposes Evaluation of Quarantine Rules

The Norwegian Christian Democratic Party (KrF) asked the prime minister to evaluate the current quarantine rules in the aftermath of outbreak of former health minister Bjarne Haakon Hansen’s controversial case.
KrF politician Hans Olav Syversen sent a written question to the Prime Minister in which he asks Jens Stoltenberg to initiate such a review. He expressed that ministers, state secretaries and political advisors should possess a unique background and understanding of different legal fields. “- In order to prevent the negative consequences, we have the quarantine rules. Because we have gained experience with these regulations a few years ago, there may be reason to look at whether the rules have worked as intended. Therefore, we request a review of quarantine rules to prevent undesirable dual roles, said Syversen.
Former Minister Bjarne Haakon Hanssen had been speculated to receive up to a half-million fine because he has not informed the Parliement’s Quarantine Committee about his new job as a PR consultant in the business solutions company First House AS.
According to Norwegian Quarantine regulation the cabinet ministers, state secretaries and political advisors who will take over another job must contact the quarantine committee to request a review within three weeks before they take the new job.

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