Norwegian criticism of Ban Ki-Moon

Norway’s ambassador to the United Nations, Mona Juul accused the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon with a weak leadership and control.

According to the Norwegian daily, Aftenposten’ s report, Juul, who is one of the two Norwegian ambassadors at the UN delegation in New York, harshly criticized Ban Ki-moon of being ineffective and counterproductive in recent crises.

– In a time when the United Nations and the need for multilateral solutions to global crises is more necessary than ever, Ban and the UN are absent on the stage, said Juul.

She argued that the United Nations’ struggling to get on the path of environmental issues and many other issues failed under Ban’ s management.

According to UN ambassador, Ban’ s recent visit to Burma and not visiting to the war-torn Sri Lanka in May were good examples for his lack of leadership and ability to representation of world nations.

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