Truck Driver in Norway Becomes Hero

A school boy barely avoids getting run over by a trailer in Norway thanks to the driver’s effort. The driver becomes a hero both in Norway and the world.

A school kid barely avoids getting run over by a huge truck, after a regional bus driver misses the bus stop and let off the school children right next to a dangerous bend in the road.

One of the kids jumps to cross the road without seeing a truck is approaching from the other side of the road.

The driver uses the emergency break and manages to save the boy. The footage showing the incident goes viral and the man becomes everyone’s hero.

The bus driver Tor-Bjørn Kyrkjebø says to NRK that he received many calls from international media in the USA, Japan, England, Sweden, and Denmark.

International audience celebrated the refelexes and attetntion of the driver by praising him. Many internet users said he deserves a bonus and medal. The Reddit topic on the incident was populated with praising comments about the driver.


He also got an invitation from the boy’s father. They will meet to have coffee and cake to celebrate.


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