Shooting Near Gay Clubs in Oslo: Norway Police Investigate It As a Terror Attack

Several people were shot in the same area in central Oslo last night. Two people have been confirmed dead and one person has been arrested. The arrested man is a 42-year-old Iranian Norwegian. Police is investigating the attack as terrorism.

In addition, several people are injured. At least 21 people receive treatment from the health service, reports NRK.

Ten people are seriously injured, and eleven are slightly injured, police said at a press conference on Saturday morning.

The shooting is said to have taken place near a bar, which is a gathering place for gays.

Police Intelligence Knows the Perpetrator

Just before 01.20, a person was arrested by the police near the scene shortly after the incident.

At present, the police assume that there is only one perpetrator.

The perpetrator is charged with murder, attempted murder and terror. He was also known to PST and the police from before, they report at a press conference on Saturday morning.

Oslo Pride event is canceled after the attack. The management of the event in Oslo takes the decision after close dialogue with the police. 

On Saturday morning, it was decided that Oslo Pride will be canceled on the advice of the police.

Oslo Pride therefore asks everyone who has planned to participate in or watch the parade not to attend. All events in connection with Oslo Pride are canceled, Oslo Pride writes in a press release.

Civilians helped the police

The police received help from civilians to get control of the perpetrator. Barstad says this during a press briefing at four o’clock.

– The police are immensely grateful for that, he says.

Several civilians also contributed to the life-saving work.

The police do not know anything about the motive for the shooting yet, as the arrested person has not explained himself. Yet, the targeted bars point to possible motives against the gay community.

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