Almost 50 percent increase in corona cases in Norway

The registered infection has increased by 45 percent in the last week, but hospitalized patients number is still very low thanks to vaccination, reports the Norwegian Public health institute (FHI).

Even though there has now been an increase in the number of cases, and the Delta variant dominates in Norway, it unlikely that the epidemic will be as big as previous waves, and that the hospitals’ capacity will be threatened, according to FHI.

Assistant director of FHI, Gun Peggy Strømstad Knudsen says to NRK that the number of hospital admissions must be closely monitored. 

Decreased admission and low death rates

FHI says there have been low death rates in the last 13 weeks. There were four deaths in week 30, and none in week 29.

“The incidence of new hospital admissions and intensive care units is still low. Since week 25, there have been reports of between 17–20 new hospital admissions with covid-19 as the main cause, and 5 or fewer new admissions to the intensive care unit per week. “, reports FHI.

FHI writes that more people traveled to Norway in week 30 compared with the week before.

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