Right Wing Extremist Group Puts Stickers with Gallows on Doors in Norway

On the sticker, there is a gallows and slogan writing “Reservert for folkeforrædere(Reserved for the traitors)”, according to Asker and Bærum Budstikke.

– My son was reading the text aloud and asked, “What is this, Mommy?”. At first I was scared and I started to cry, but fear quickly turned into anger, says Stig to TV2.

She and her son did not sleep at home that night.

– When we live in a democratic society, we must accept that people have extreme views, but I will not tolerate such a sticker on my door, says Stig.

She immediately called the police who took down the poster. They also took fingerprints on the crime scene.

Right-wing extremists who do not believe in Holocaust and see Hitler as role model

Lately stickers by the same group, Frihetskamp, appeared in several places in the municipality.

– We’ve seen similar stickers all over Asker and especially in Hvalstad. Also at the police station, we found the same stickers, says chief investigator at Asker police, Bjørn Egil DrangevĂĄg.

The right-wing extremist group believes Holocaust did not happen and sees Adolf Hitler as a role model. In November the Swedish branch of the group met with violent counter-demonstrations when they marched on the streets of Stockholm .

Charlotte Stig says stickers and the group make her angry, but she will use the experience into something positive.

– I got angry that people violated my space with their extreme views. Therefore, we must stand up to stop it. We have a society that is built on democracy, wisdom and positive respect, not fear and hatred. It is important signal to give, says Stig to TV2.



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