Clown Craze Attack Spreads to Norway

The clown hysteria, a mix of childish pranks and more serious menacing appears to have migrated to Norway from the United States. People who are dressed up like clowns frighten strangers and later publish on the web. Police in Norway is warning that it is a criminal offense. 

Several clown episodes have been reported across Norway in recent days, the police say, including clowns frightening school children on their way back home.

A costume shop in Alesund has decided to restrict selling clown costumes to suspected customers.

– If there are youth gangs to dress up to scare people, we will not sell it, the shop owner said to NRK.

The sudden appearance of frightening clowns has raised alarm in many countries including the USA, UK and Australia, where a number of people have been arrested. The novelist Stephen King, whose book inspired the phenomeonen, warned on Twitter this month that it was “time to cool the clown hysteria.

Learn more about the Clown Craze from the video

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