Workers Were Already Fearing of Such a Helicopter Accident in Norway

13 people died when a Super Puma helicopter crashed outside Bergen on the way back from Gullfaks oil rig on Friday morning. The helicopter reportedly crashed on the ground from 640 meter height.

SAFE Director Hilde-Marie Rysst says to NRK that they have received several reports of concern related to the maintenance of the helicopters. 

– The oil workers have long feared of such an accident, says she.

She also noted that there were informal complaints from helicopters employees that the intervals of maintenance were recently prolonged. So it worried them about performance of the vehicles.

The transport on the Norwegian shelf has long been regarded as among the safest in the world.

– It will affect our industry for a long time. Confidence takes a very long time to build up, but go very fast to tear down, says Rysst to NRK.


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