Breivik: The Prisons in Norway Are the Most Inhumane in Europe and I Will Be Killed in Two Years.

– Two years ago, two members of Norwegian motorcycle gang Hells Angels committed suicide after they were released from the prison, and this was a murder committed by the Norwegian government, says Breivik.

He calls the whole treatment in the prison a revenge of the Labour Party and the Norwegian government.

He compares himself with the mastermind behind the terrorist attack against the United States on 11 September 2001, who was tortured in Guantanamo prison.

– I think no one is surprised that I’m being tortured for what I did. I had not expected anything else, says he.

He claimed that he would agree to being tortured if he deserved it. Breivik believes he has been exposed to inhuman treatments like naked search, handcuffing, letters control and lack of human contact.

He further claims that Norway has the most inhumane prison system in the Western world.

I Will Be Killed in Two Years with Mediaval Methods

Anders Behring Breivik argues he will be killed with “medieval methods” within two years.

– I will spend the rest of my life in political activism, but I will never use violence as an instrument again. The state is still not satisfied. They demand that I should reject my basic values. This will mean that I will start civil disobedience. Then this will lead me to be killed with medieval methods, he said.



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