Teen Moves to A Village in Northern Norway to Be Free from Peer Pressure

According to NRK’s report, Philip Majlund Nielsen (16) was so fed up with the pressure for having expensive clothes, a perfect body and super social behaviors, he has moved from Asker to a village in northern Norway, named Rognan.

1136 kilometers away from his parents, Philip now lives and goes to high school in his new peaceful home in north.

– You should have jackets worth of 10 000 NOK with animal fur, the best body with sixpack and could lift 90 kg. It was impossible to meet all these requirements, said Nielsen to NRK.

The 16-year-old feel himself safer and more comfortable in this village. 

Er det bedre å vokse opp på bygda enn i byen?

Klær til titusener, kroppspress og et jag etter å være perfekt – Philip (16) fikk nok av livet i Asker og Bærum og flyttet til Rognan i Nord-Norge. Les saken her: http://bit.ly/asker_saltdal

Posted by NRK Nordland on Sunday, 29 November 2015


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