Bomb and Shooting Drama in Norway Turned to be a Hoax by the Guard

Yesterday’s shooting drama and bomb fear at the University of Oslo took a completely different turn. Police revealed that the security guard shot himself and placed a bomb-like object on the campus to trick police.

During the press conference on Thursday morning,  Grete Lien Metlid from Oslo Police Department said the security guard confessed what he did. He created fear, insecurity and a huge investigation, said she.

The guard initially had called police, claiming he was shot by two men at the University of Oslo campus. He even had given descriptions of the alleged assailants and police had launched a search to find them.

Moreover, he had pointed that they placed a suspicious object and it had led to fear of bomb and a bomb team had cordoned the campus and difused the object.

After several hours of questioning and investigation, the guard confessed it was a bluff.

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK also revealed that the security guard was previously involved in two incidents. In 2013, he claimed to have been stabbed and attacked by a gunman again on another patrol. These claims led to all security guards to wear bullet-proof gear while on patrol.

The security firm NOKAS communications director, Ådne Mauritzen announced the guard had been suspended. He also said the company was already offering him psychological help to deal with the alleged shooting.


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