Norway Police Builds Happy Cells

Police Superintendent Knut Fugelsnes at Kristiansund police unit were tired of the dull police cells and got local artists to make them more soothing, writes TV2 referring to local newspaper Tidens krav.

– It started before Christmas when I made contact with artist Steinar Jakobsen and asked if he could paint two of the cells so that guests could rest their eyes and feel reassured, says Fugelsnes to TV2.

The artists, who worked voluntarily, chose motifs that can sooth mood of the guests. In one of the cells’ painting, a young couple is enjoying a sunset, while children are playing. On the other cell wall, there is a clown figure.

– It will be interesting to see how the guests react when they wake up there. It might even inspire other police stations to do something similar. Perhaps we can begin to call it happy cell, says Fugelsnes.

He adds that there was some grinning from his colleagues, but guests are more excited and it may ease their work.

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