Muslims in Norway Marched against ISIS and Extremism

The demonstration, organized by young Muslims in Norway, gathered people of different religious and ethnicities together in Oslo against religious extremism and the crimes of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The crowd filled the entire Grønland square as the demonstration started at 17.00. 

After short talks by the organizers, demonstrators marched through Oslo streets toward Norwegian Parliement (Stortinget) with slogans of “No to ISIS”, “ISIS is not in Islam’s Name”, “Against ISIS terror for Peace”.

When the protestors arrived at Eidsvold space, in front of Stortinget, the number has reached to almost ten thousand, according to the organizers.

Norwegian convert Yousef Bartho Assidiq told that he is so angry with ISIS barbarity and the members of the marginal group Prophets Ummah, who previously expressed support for ISIS. 

– We have taken back the city from racists and Nazis. Now we’ll take it back from extermists groups like Prophets Umma, said Assidiq in his speech at Grønland.

19 years old Faten Al-Mahdi Hussein also denounced the Norwegian extremist Ubaydullah Hussain and his group Prophets Umma. 

She added that she would rather call that group “The Devils Ummah”. 

– It is important for the Norwegian community to see the difference between normal Muslims and people who call themselves Muslims but are completely lack of Muslim attitudes, she said in her speech in front of the Parliament.

Talking to The Nordic Page, two demonstrators Tonje (67) and Silje (69) said they traveled from Tåsen province of the city and it worthed to participate and see the young people initiate this meaningful event. Tonje said they are more positive about Norway’s future as they see so many active and responsible young people in the demonstration. 

A young demonstrator Ali (16) said being in the dmeonstration is important to take away from extremists people and ideologies and say that we do not share the same principles and values with those extremists.

Among other politicians and stakeholders, Prime Minister Erna Solberg also had a speech during the demonstration. Solberg said all stand together against extremists. 

– Today it is about what we believe. We all believe in freedom of speech, democracy, freedom of religion and the political discussion to take place without violence, said she in her speech in the end of the demonstration.



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