The World’s Tallest Wooden House under Construction in Bergen, Norway

The building will rise in the form of an apartment building at Puddefjord Bridge in Bergen, will be 51 meter tall and have 14 floors. Today Melbourne (Australia) has the world’s tallest wooden house, one ten-storey block of 32 meters.

The block of flats is a kit of parts that includes modules and frameworks in laminated wood. The first step is the installation of four apartment modules on top of the basement floor. Then a support structure with a so-called power floor will be constructed.

– This is a project we have worked with for years, and now it becomes a reality. It is a prestigious project for everyone involved. It is not certain whether it will open the market for many such tall wooden buildings, but this construction technique is equally applicable to buildings of seven to 10 storeys, says managing director of the construction company Moelven Limtre, Åge Holmestad.

Holmestad indicates that interest in the building is greater on abroad than in Norway.

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