Woman in Norway Chose to Remove Breasts, Uterus and Ovaries Due to Fear of Cancer

According to Aftenpsoten’s report, Louise Skak found out that she has a hereditary predisposition to breast cancer after a genetic test in Denmark. The grandmother and her grandmother had, respectively, uterine cancer and breast cancer. She quickly took contact with her doctor in Norway to for a full genetic control.

She had a blood test and was told that it would take eight weeks before she got an answer. After long and stressful waiting time, it was revealed that the test was positive and she was at risk. 

When she was told that she was a carrier of the gene that can cause cancer, she immediately decided to remove both breasts.

– I spent a little more time to decide to also remove the ovaries and uterus, but have not regretted, although this led me directly into menopause, says she to Aftenpsoten.

Skak thinks her identity is not in her breasts. She adds she can follow her own body easier after the operation. Thanks to genetic testing and the choice to remove breasts, ovaries and uterus, the risk of getting this type of cancer was reduced by between 70 and 80 percent. For Skak, it was important that she has made the choice.

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