Norwegian Communists Group in Trouble with Membership Fraud

In 2010, the Revolutionary Communist Youth ( RKU ) in Norway received  147.000 kroner of state funds through Distribution Committee on the basis of membership figures RKU reported having in 2009, reported TV2.  In 2011, RKU caught cheating with the number. Distribution Committee , which is under the Ministry of Children , Equality and Social Inclusion ( BLD ) is demanding the money back.

-The ministry usually tries to come to amicable arrangements , but in cases where you can not reach a solution , the matter may be submitted to the enforcement officer in the court, says Eli Grut , director of family and childhood department to TV2.

– Regulations for the grant allows the requirements may be directed at individuals, but neither Distribution Committee or the Ministry has so far considered whether this is appropriate in this case , says Grut .

48.6 percent of those who responded to the survey Allocation Committee , reported that they had never been a member of the RKU . 51.4 percent replied that they were not members in 2009 , the year that was the basis for the grant, according to TV2.

In the email from the editors of RKU to TV2, it is written that they do not have public spokespeople anymore due to political persecution and they will not give back the money.

– RIA does not have a central part anymore, just local activist groups. One reason for this is political persecution we have experienced. Among other things, we do not get the same rights as other organizations because we are Communists .

– We searched money on par with other youth organizations and has submitted the necessary documentation for this support. We have enrollment form for each member , and the claim of the state for repayment is therefore an unfair requirement .

– The Ministry is now looking for us, led by Audun Lysbakken who gave large sums to their own friends and their own party colleagues . This shows the arbitrariness in the system. It is a corrupt system where politicians give money to those they like and demands money back from those they do not like.

– RKU has no money and no central headquarters to demand money back from . The money was used entirely on the revolutionary communist work. They were used in newspapers , posters and other materials with the goal of building a mass movement against the government, against Norway’s wars against capitalism and against the bureaucracy , a movement of rebellion , revolution and communism . Communist activists are still enthusiastic about this.

On RKU’s website, it writes it is their mission “to make revolution here in Norway”. RKU of Norway is the youth wing of Serve the People, who is related to another organisation, the SOS Racism . The SOS Racism has been ordered to repay millions of dollars after it was revealed that they had cheated with membership lists.

The Revolutionary Communist Youth (Norwegian: Revolusjonær Kommunistisk Ungdom, abbreviated RKU) of Norway is the youth wing of Serve the People. The party was formed by a split within Red Youth, the youth affiliate to Red.

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