A New Cold War? Norway Security Service Warns against Russian Spies

In an interview with TV2, the chief of the PST warns against Russian spies in Norway.

She also adds that it’s not only Russian intelligence which is active in Norway, there are other states that need information. But she avoids naming other countries than Russia.

– I do not want to comment specifically on the country except for Russia, which is also a player in crisis in Ukraine.

PST boss told TV 2 that Russian intelligence officers have always a high level of activity in Norway, and the Ukraine crisis has Fauske that Russian intelligence officers have increased their activity in especially the petroleum sector and against Norwegian policy makers.

– We see a shift in intelligence operations in Norway as a result of the crisis in Ukraine. Foreign states, including Russia, organize their intelligence activities to answer questions about oil and gas production and its delivery. We are also a member of NATO, and have border with Russia, so there are several reasons why they are looking for information about us, says PST boss in the interview that was made ​​on Tuesday afternoon.

In last month, the Swedish security police Sapo, for the first time since the Cold War, warned that Russia poses a threat to Sweden’s security.

According to SAPO, the Russian military intelligence service GRU has increased its activity in Sweden. The Swedish security police believes that Russian spies are trying to recruit people for espionage, in addition they engaged in electronic penetration of IT systems and signal intelligence.

And in March, the British security service MI5 warned officials working in Russia against “honey traps” issued by the Russian FSB or SVR. MI5 is now recruiting Russian speaking intelligence personnel.

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