“Noodle Mafia” Challenges School Adminstration in Norway

A School in Drammen, Norway  wages a battle against black noodle market, writes Drammen Tidende. 11-12 year old aggressive noodle sellers make trouble for the school administration. 

Some of the children at the school buy large amounts of noodles. The apealing packages in all flavors are brought in suitcases- and resold in the school yard at a good profit. 

Most of the time, students consume them dry on the playground at the elementary school. 

– We have seized several briefcases packed with noodles. We laughed at first, but now it’s not funny anymore. It is a real problem, said principal Elen Sorensen to Drammen Tidende.

Requires Noodle Selling Fee

Sørensen says some students have monopoly in noodle market and they demand fee from other students who try to sell noodle. 

– We heard that they charge 20 NOK to allow others to sell noodles, says principal Sørensen. 

The newspaper also reports that there are stories of fights arisen out of the market control. 

A Six Year Case

As many other Norwegian media outlet, nobody realized that this case was published almost six years ago. But yesterday,  the article has suddenly started to spread again through social media.

In two days, the article was read 120,000 times.

The spread of the case began is still a mystery, as the newspaper editors now try to figure out.

– It is fascinating to see how the old cases get new life in this way. We are now working intensively to find out how it happened, says digital editor Monica Lid.

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