Norway will Destroy Syria Weapons

On Sunday evening, it was officially announced that the UN, the U.S. and Russia asked Norway to receive between 300 and 500 tons sarin, and up to 50 tons of mustard gas in Syria. 

In addition to Norway, the five permanent members of the Security Council as well as Belgium and Albania were asked if they could assist against Syrian chemical weapons.

The United States has already offered assistance through mobile destruction facility that can be placed temporarily in Norway. Then chemicals are transported to Norway by sea, until they are destroyed. 

If Norway accepts chemical weapons from Syria, the government must find a place in Norway where they can be destroyed, writes VG.

Research Director Bjørn Arne Johnsen at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) is in expert group to assess whether Norway can destroy chemicals from Syria. 

– There are many ways to destroy chemicals. Incineration is one possibility, but we do not have it in Norway. Then we most likely use a chemical process, a form of hydrolysis neutralization, says Johnsen. 

However, leader of NUPI Middle East Program, Henrik Thune tells VG that Norway should prioritize the areas where it has advantages and he doubts about chemical weapons is one of them. 

– There are indications that Norway lacks both good enough plants and established areas, and I mean it’s unnatural that Norway take over this role, says Thune. 

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