EOS Committee Examines Secret Intelligence Archives of Norway

In the archives, there is information about the intelligence service’s sources, but also their families, according to the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. 

The unanymous sources in the investigation say that the archives contain large amounts of personal data of over 400 Norwegians including the ones recruited or retained as sources. Psychological profiles, disease history, welfare information and information sources’ spouses and children are some of the delicate data in the archives.

Also, the archives has data about business leaders, bureaucrats and diplomats in Norway.

Both the Secret Service and the Defense Ministry assures that the archive does not violate law or instructions for e-service operations.

The first session of the inspection lasted four hours  on Tuesday. The committee makes up of Eldbjørg Løwer, Svein Grønnern, Theo Koritzinsky, Hans J. Røsjorde and Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen.  The latter is known as a judge in 22 July trial last year.

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