Tesla Sells Its First New Electric Car in Europe to Norway

– This car proves that it is working for environmental technology solutions. In a few years everyone will drive electric vehicles, regardless of where they live. With electric vehicle benefits in this country and superchargers coming in a few months, you can charge the car battery from empty to full in half an hour to go on for another 480 km. At that time no one will choose petrol or diesel anymore, – says lucky Hauge.

In 1989, Hauge has been the owner of the first electric car imported to Norway. On this vehicle he constantly traveled on toll roads without paying the fare, as long as the government confiscated his car. Hauge bought back its electric car and continued to drive on the toll roads still without paying. This went on for as long as the authorities officially canceled the charges for electric cars.

In Norway, the price of Tesla’s Model S starts at 446.6 thousand NOK. In the near future deliveries of this model will start in Switzerland and Netherlands.

Model S sedan is offered with three electric motors. The basic version will travel 370 kilometers on a single charge and can accelerate from zero to “hundred” in 6.2 seconds. Power reserve of top-end machine reaches 480 kilometers, and accelerates to a hundred kilometers per hour in 4.4 seconds.

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