Jewish Community Condemns Dagbladet Cartoon

The cartoon, which was printed on May 28, depicts a bloodied crying baby lying on a table with his toes being cut off with pruning shears and severed toes scattered around.  A bearded-hatted man is holding what appears to be a Jewish holy book in one hand, while with the other, he holds the baby down on the table with a pitchfork.  A woman, who is also holding what appears to be a prayer book, says to entering policemen “Mistreating?  No, this is tradition, an important part of our belief!”  The police say, “Belief?  Oh yes, then it is all right.”

In a statement sent to the press, Abraham Foxman, national director of the ADL, wrote that the cartoon is a “hideous distortion of one of the major Jewish rituals.”

– The image harkens back to the centuries of anti-Semitic illustrations depicting Jews engaged in ritual ceremonies involving gratuitous and fabricated bloodletting.In no way can this sickening cartoon be justified as an acceptable graphic representation in support for the campaign to legislatively restrict ritual circumcision, which unfortunately has gained some traction in Europe, said Foxman.

Lobby organization ADL also called on the editors of Dagbladet to issue an official apology and for other government and societal leaders in Norway to speak out against the cartoon.

Dagbladet had been previously criticized by the Muslim community after printing a cartoon depicting a pig with an Arab head-gear, reading Koran.

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