Outdoor Sleeping Ban in Oslo Stirs Debate

A majority of the City Council decided to ban accommodation in public areas including parks. Yet, Oslo police does not find the prohibition extensive enough. They had proposed to prohibit overnight in cars and permit to stay outdoors would be approved by the police.

The majority of the City Council thought the police proposal went too far and decided to limit the ban with only public areas. The decision was taken with a clear majority despite the opposition of Socialist Left Party (SV), Rød and the Green Party.

After the decision, a group of Roma people who predominantly live in outdoor spaces held a protest in front of the Norwegian parliement, Stortinget. 

But the ban does not affect only Roma people. Fans of famous singers who will give concerts in Oslo in this summer may be affected by the new regulation. Police will have right to intervene the fans who are sleeping in ticket queues.

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