Conservatives Rejected Change in Abortion Law

The overwhelming majority voted against the proposal to change the current abortion law. The proposal states that “Høyre should change abortion law so that the characteristics of the fetus should not be an independent criterion for abortion limit. Conditions that are incompatible with life should provide grounds for abortion.”

Party leader Erna Solberg said the current system works and there is no discrimination in abortion law. In response, several speakers who support the proposal claimed that this is about the Conservative party’s credibility about women rights.

Abortion Law in Norway

The legality of and public opinion toward abortion in Norway has changed dramatically in the last 100 years. Currently, Norway’s abortion regulations appear to be somewhat stricter than those in the United States. Up through 12 weeks of pregnancy, abortion is routinely available. But between 12 and 18 weeks, a woman must go before a committee before obtaining an abortion, and after 18 weeks, abortions are only permitted in instances of threats to the life or health of the woman and serious or lethal fetal anomalies.

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