Time Limitation for Child Abuse to Be Abolished in Norway

The proposal for amendments to the Penal Code has been sent out for consultation.

Currently, the limitation period for such cases is 25 years, and the regulation aims to lift time restrictions for investigation so that the abuse cases can be investigated and lead to judgment any time.

Last week, Norwegian daily VG  had published a story about Annett Berntsberg Eck (42) who was raped at age six in 1976. 34 years later, she was ready to tell his story to the police. But she was told that her case was outdated by ten years despite the fact that both Annett and police have knowledge of the identity of the assaultant.

– My case was dismissed because it was outdated. (Thanks to this proposal), I feel a twinge of joy when I think that boys and girls in the future will not experience a restriction to fair treatment when they report the abuse they have suffered, says Eck to NRK.no.

Justice Minister Grete Faremo told NRK that with the new regulation, it will be ensured that the perpetrators must be held accountable for crimes against children regardless of how long ago the offense occurred.

The proposed amendment was sent to the consultative bodies on Friday, and they have time until 1 June to come to a decision.


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